Werecats are supernatural creatures who can transform between the form of a human and that of a large cat.

Society Edit

Werecats form Prides (as opposed to werewolf packs). They also have Chosen Ones, which function much like a werewolf's clavigers.

Abilities Edit

Werecats have the ability to turn into large predatory felines. Werecats have enhanced hearing and are made more for climbing and leaping. Like real cats, they have retractable claws. Werecats have a good sense of smell, but not as good as werewolves.

History Edit

Werecats were one of the many shifters that once ruled in Egypt. They were also the first to abdicate their roles before being overthrown (like the werewolves).

Vulnerabilities Edit

The transformation from human to cat form is painful.

Known Werecats in Universe Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Werecats are good with languages.
  • Werecats do well with heights.
  • The only known immortals that can go into the aether, but they will curl up into a ball and appear dead.
  • Breeding is done by the males.
  • Tasherit's pride, Lost Pride of the Desert Wind, lives on a floating island.

Quotes Edit

  • "Werecats have been safe, forgotten, lost to antiquity, free of the concerns of you paltry mortals with all your petty wars and little dynasties. Our safety is in anonymity, not numbers." (Imprudence, Chapter Twleve)
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