Lady Violet Bicker-Harrow is the eldest daughter of the Duke of Snodgrove.

Appearance Edit

She is described as being round and dark, like her mother.

Personality Edit

Lady Violet is described as being sensible.

History Edit

In the books Edit

Poison or Protect Edit

Lady Violet is the daughter of the Duke of Snodgrove and being wooed by Mr. Jackson. The Duke of Snodgrove hired Lady Preshea Villentia to dissuade his daughter from marrying Mr. Jackson.

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Violet likes to draw scientifically accurate depictions of flowers.

Quotes Edit

  • “Lady Violet is Duke Snodgrove’s eldest daughter. She’s absolutely topping. A divine mango from heaven. Or do I mean banana from heaven? Well, she’s both. An elegant bastion of womanhood.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter One)
  • “Lady Violet Bicker-Harrow was plainer than Preshea expected, dark and round like her mother but wearing both in better humor.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Three)
  • “Lady Violet seemed a sensible little thing.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • “Lady Violet was the type to be impressed by the opinion of others, especially when such an opinion was expressed in a sympathetic manner.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Six)