A vampire queen is very rare, and created only when a woman is successfully transformed. Unlike other vampires, queens possess a second set of fangs, called the "makers." These fangs are slightly smaller than the regular "feeder" fangs, and make the transformation possible. It is theorized that a new vampire is created when the queen sucks away blood with the feeders and injects some of her own blood with the makers.

Only a queen can create a new vampire, with the exception of the few "artificially" created vampires that resulted from the OBO's experiments in Soulless. It is considered a great achievement for a queen to create another queen (in much the same way the werewolves consider changing a female an achievement), as it seems that females are much less likely to survive the change than males are.

A queen vampire is comparable to a queen bee; she does not venture from her hive, and is the creator of all the vampires within it. If a queen perishes, most likely her hive with die along with her.

In dire circumstances, a queen may choose to "swarm" and leaves her hive with her brood of vampires. They must find and claim a new location within a matter of hours, or risk perishing due to over exposure to the sunlight. Swarming is particularly distressing to a queen, as the tether to her territory must be broken and reforged. (It may be noted, however, that roves like Lord Akeldama may swarm as he did in Blameless, but there is not the same urgency behind finding a new location as there is in a traditional hive, likely due to a fewer amount of vampires being relocated, and the tether is not as strong).

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  • It is considered rude to discuss the weather with a queen, as it is a reminder that she cannot leave her hive house.