A forest outside of Bombay where the Vanaras went into hiding after the Rakshasas were given authority by the Supernatural Acceptance Decree.

Quotes Edit

  • "Only pilgrims were permitted entrance into Tungareshwar." (Prudence, Chapter Twelve)
  • "Tungareshwar from within was a great deal different than Tungareshwar from above. The undergrowth was mostly made up of thick plants with large wide leaves and a few bushes which looked like sage. Trees of all sizes stretched upwards - Rue recognised palm and banana - and vines grew over everything. It was delightfully tropical. She was no horticulturalist but she spotted a few orchids - her night vision quite decent in weremonkey form. Occasionally they crossed a small stream, its embankment covered in a thick carpet of maidenhair fern. Rue would have enjoyed a stroll through Tungareshwar during the daylight. It must be stunning, everything verdant and lush, green broken only by the black of tree trunks and bright splashes of exotic flowers." (Prudence, Chapter Thirteen)
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