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A French inventor mainly interested in clocks and a member of the Order of the Brass Octopus. He built the new dungeons in London for Lord Maccon's pack, below Chapeau de Poupe.


  • Gustave is described as having a mustache and a large beard.



Gustave Trouve was born in 1834. Gustave went to school with Genevieve Lefoux at Ecoledes des Arts et Metiers. Genevieve claims he taught her everything she knows about clockwork mechanisms and mustache maintenance. Gustave Trouvé is a real historical individual.

In the books[]


  • “It was difficult to see the exact nature of his expression as, in addition to the ubiquitous mustache, the clockmaker also wore a golden-brown beard of such epic proportions as might dwarf a mulberry bush. It was as though his mustache had become overly enthusiastic and, seized with the spirit of adventure, set out to conquer the southern reaches of his face in a take-no-prisoners kind of way.” (Blameless, Chapter Six)
  • “Bland, good as a side dish, but really only palatable when there is nothing better available.” (Blameless, Chapter Six)



  • The historical figure Gustave Trouve, at Wikipedia.