This timeline is an approximate timeline for the events of the Carriger-verse. If you are looking for a list of the books in chronological order, see this page.

1507 B.C. Edit

  • Pharaoh Hatshepsut, also known as Matakara, is born.[1]

1458 B.C. Edit

356 B.C. Edit

323 B.C. Edit

  • June 10/11 - Alexander is struck by fever and is recorded as having died. This is the most likely date for his metamorphosis into a Vampire.[4]

1500 A.C. Edit

1529 Edit

1530 Edit

  • King Henry absorbs supernaturals legally into the British Empire.

1560 Edit

  • August 7th - Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, the most likely human identity of Countess Nadasdy, is born.[5]

1614 Edit

1673 Edit

1700s Edit

Early 1800's Edit

1803 Edit

  • The Napoleonic Wars begin.
  • Sometime between this year and 1815, the following events occur:
    • Channing Channing, living in Paris as a sculptor, is approached by vampires offering him immortality. Channing refuses and is kidnapped by the vampire hive. Approximately one month later, he escapes.
    • Channing's wife, Odette, jumps into the Seine with their daughter, Isolde, killing them both.
    • Channing joins the Coldsteam Guards. He is mortally wounded in battle and is metamorphosed into a werewolf. He operates as a loner for a time before joining the Woolsey Pack. During his loner period, Channing returns to the vampire hive that kidnapped him and kills the vampire queen.
    • With their queen dead, the Paris vampires swarm and kill hundreds of mortals, resulting in France officially banning vampires from its lands.

1805 Edit

1810 Edit

1819 Edit

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1824 Edit

1834 Edit

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1848-1849 Edit

1850 Edit

1851 Edit

1851 - 1855 Edit

1853 Edit

1854 Edit

1855 Edit

1861 Edit

  • Prince Albert dies of typhoid.

1863 Edit

1867 Edit

1873 Edit

  • The events of Soulless occur. No specific month but the ladies are swanning around Hyde Park during the Season so it has to be sometime between late spring and late summer. Probably more towards the latter half of the year.[7]

1874 Edit

  • The events of Changeless. Winter, probably January or February, because it follows relatively quickly on the heels of Soulless but the weather is atrocious.[8]
  • The events of Blameless take place the following spring after Changeless. These first three books formulate a pretty cohesive trilogy both temporally and plot wise. That is one of the reasons the mangas stick to these three books.[9]
  • The events of Heartless take place in July. Because of Alexia's condition this date is very firmly fixed. Also, the time and location hinge on one of the key events that occurs in this book. In the real world, the Pantechnicon burned as well.[10]

1876 Edit

  • The events of Timeless take place in April, 1876. There's a time jump between Heartless and Timeless, for reasons to do with Prudence.[11]

1878 Edit

1895 Edit

1896 Edit

1901 Edit

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