The Omega Objection
Author G.L. Carriger
Genre M/M Contemporary Urban Fantasy
Release Date November 2018
Series San Andreas Shifters
Publisher Gail Carriger LLC

The Omega Objection is the second book in Gail Carriger's M/M contemporary urban fantasy series San Andreas Shifters.

Summary Edit

A werewolf walks into a bar.

Tank is working as a bouncer when he notices something odd about the sexy-as-sin bartender. He’s odorless, he’s amazingly popular with shifters, and he’s terrified.

A man without a smell.

Isaac is trying to escape his past. He hides in San Francisco because everyone knows that there are no werewolves in the Bay Area.

Until one walks into his bar.

Can a gentle werewolf with a trampled heart show a man who’s been running scared that sometimes there are monsters worth running towards?

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Chapter Titles Edit

  1. Saucebox
  2. Counseling Kitsune
  3. The Wolf in the Man
  4. Trickle on Trappers
  5. Packing Surprises
  6. Rejection on the Side
  7. A Confusion of Werewolves
  8. Nude Awakenings
  9. Trapper Keepers
  10. Werewolf on the Lamb
  11. Teal Fire Balls
  12. Lamb on the Lam
  13. Call of the Mild
  14. Shifters Temple Pastoral Gathering
  15. In For Repairs
  16. Once and Future Kink
  17. The Sound and the Furry
  18. Sum of All Bears
  19. Unclaimed Proper Tea
  20. The Bun Also Rises
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