The Saucebox is a bar/club owned by Xavier that caters to the supernatural. Isaac Mercer is a popular bartender there.

Description Edit

Saucebox had the general feel of an upmarket gallery, although more mellow lighting. White walls, big art, black dance floor that was a bitch to clean, and mirrors everywhere. No disco balls for Saucebox. Xavier didn’t do kitsch, or cheap, or corny. The lighting was recessed and subtle, except over the bar where the bottles glowed in backlit glory. And everything that needed lighting had it, especially the till, because money and alcohol were taken seriously.

Employees Edit

Drinks Edit

  • Omnivore Special: hot sake mixed with tuna water and wheat grass.
  • Garum: fermented fish sauce served as shots.
  • Pearl of the Sea: rum, anchovy syrup, clam juice, finished with a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and a picked onion wrapped in nori for garnish.
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