Werewolves are supernatural creatures who can transform between the form of a human and that of a wolf. They are considerably stronger than humans even in their human forms.

Society Edit

Werewolves organize themselves into packs led by an Alpha, whose bite can metamorphose new werewolves. Alphas are usually the strongest in the pack. An alpha's partner is also granted the same respect as an alpha, regardless of their species.

Betas are second-in-command; often organizing pack affairs and assisting their alpha when possible. They are responsible for the pack when the alpha is away, and can sometimes be sent in place of their alpha should a crisis arise.

Enforcers are the muscle of the pack.

Those few werewolves who live separate from a pack are called loners. Loners keep to themselves and do not follow pack dynamic unless they come across a pack (in which case they will give each member all due respect), are attempting to join a pack, or if they are challenging for alpha.

Abilities Edit

Werewolves can shift from human to wolf forms at will, except for nights in which there is a full moon. On those nights, they stay in their wolf form until sunrise, and become irregularly feral. In both forms, werewolves possess strength and speed far superior to that of a human. Werewolves are known to heal quickly, allowing them to fight longer and sustain more severe injuries without falling. They have a superior sense of smell and a heightened sense of hearing.

Alphas have access to an ability referred to as VOICE. VOICE is the force behind an Alpha's command that makes non-Alphas have to comply.

You have to be born with the genetic ability to become a werewolf, but a person cannot transform until they've received an Alpha's bite. Their saliva activates the born-werewolves latent abilities. The exception to this is Omegas. An Omega can shift without an Alpha's bite.

Vulnerabilities Edit

Werewolves are sensitive to sunlight, but can go about during daylight hours with very strong sunblock.

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Trivia Edit

  • Alphas can "fight smart" which means they still maintain human intelligence in the midst of battle, and are rarely overwhelmed by blood lust. With the exception of full moon.
  • Werewolves were outlawed in the United States prior to World War I. They only began to slowly integrate after Super Saturation.
  • By law, werewolf packs could be conscripted as short-term militia for shifter crises in the United States. In other countries, they were conscripted for long-term military service.

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