Carriger SoullessV3 TP
Book 3
Author Gail Carriger, Rem
Release Date November 2013
Series Manga
Pages 240
Publisher Yen Press


Condemned by society and her werewolf husband due to a pregnancy she cannot explain, Alexia Macconpreternatural, tea aficionado – seeks an explanation for this “infant inconvenience” so as to cleanse her sullied reputation and prove her fool of a husband wrong. Preternaturals are a rare breed and the only history of their kind lies in Italy with the Templars, a group that once partnered with preternaturals to hunt down werewolves and vampires. Will Alexia find an explanation for her impossible offspring? Or do the Templars have other plans for the curious “Soulless One”?

About Edit

This volume hit the New York Times Manga bestseller list at #7 on February 24, 2013. It is based on the novel Blameless.

It is the last in the graphic novel adaptation. There will be no manga for Heartless or Timeless.

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