Book 4
Author Gail Carriger
Release Date Summer/Fall of 2019
Series The Custard Protocol
Publisher Orbit


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Reticence is the final book in the Custard Protocol series. It takes place after events in Competence and contemporaneous with those in How to Marry a Werewolf.

Percy takes point to tell this story alongside a new character with a very familiar name.

Watch Gail tie up all her loose threads, look for appearances from beloved Parasolverse characters (and some less beloved) and learn everyone’s secrets the hard way.

Percy, of course, could care less.

Or could he?

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"This one is absolutely and utterly for YOU, Gentle Reader. Hopefully, you’ll be as caught up as possible by the time this one drops, most likely Summer/Fall of 2019. I’m giving you fair warning.

This book will be mad cap and fun and absolutely hilarious no matter what.

But you will get all the inside jokes and cookies only if you’ve read the full back catalogue of the Parasolverse.

Gear up, you’re in for a puffy float!"[1]

The crew of the Spotted Custard, including their new crew member Dr Arsenic Ruthven, travel to Japan. By orders of Lady Maccon they are to look into reports about another kind of shapeshifters while Madame Lefoux, Lady Kingair and "Aunt Softy" ask them to find their missing colleague Wallflower.

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This book takes place a few months after Competence.

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Chapter One: The Doctor Floats

Chapter Two: Drama Dama Damp

Chapter Three: A Conspiracy of Tea

Chapter Four: Floating Familial Relationship

Chapter Five: Mothers and Their Consequences

Chapter Six: When All Else Fails, Try the Library

Chapter Seven: Bobbing for Parents

Chapter Eight: On Handmaidens, Hats, and Hasty Marriages

Chapter Nine: Arsenic Has a Patient

Chapter Ten: How to Arrive Gracefully

Chapter Eleven: Temples in Motion

Chapter Twelve: Kitsune Are My Weakness

Chapter Thirteen: Breeches and Rutabaga

Chapter Fourteen: Dunking is an Act of War

Chapter Fifteen: It's in the Plumbing

Chapter Sixteen: Reunion, Crisis and Crumpet Requirements

Chapter Seventeen: On Birth, Death, and Decomposition

Epilogue: With a Neat Little Bow

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