A preternatural is a person who is born with the ability to neutralize a supernatural's ability through maintained contact. Alexia Tarabotti and her father, the late Alessandro Tarabotti, were the only known preternaturals until we meet a certain Templar in Imprudence. Also called "soulless," "soul-sucker," "curse-breaker," "exorcist," and "homo exanimus."

The theory of the preternatural ability is that all beings produce aether (which can also be found in the air, the reason behind dirigibles), or soul. Those who produce the normal amount of aether are regular mortals; humans. Those who produce an excess amount can become a ghost, vampire or werewolf. Those who do not produce any are preternaturals. The amount of internally produced aether is essentially the amount of soul one possesses.

In Timeless, Alexia discovers that water limits her abilities, and she speculates that it affects Prudence's abilities as well.

However, with the birth of Prudence Maccon in Timeless, this theory has proven flawed. If a preternatural produces no aether, then how much would a metanatural produce? The author of this page theorizes this: a supernatural produces an excess amount of aether, a human produces a normal amount, and a preternatural produces almost none. A metanatural truly produces no aether, which would take into account the fact that Alexia's abilities are not as powerful as her daughter's.

Trivia Edit

  • The hieroglyphic symbol for a preternatural is a broken ankh.
  • There is a male preternatural in England who is said to be "up north."
  • Pishtacos in South America called a supernatural a Pachacutec.[1]

References Edit

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