Matakara, also known as Hatshepsut,[1] was the vampire queen of the Alexandria Hive, located a short distance outside Alexandria, Egypt. Before her death, she was the oldest living vampire in the world.

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Historically, Hatshepsut was born about 1503 BC and died in 1482 BC. According to Lord Maccon, that is actually her metamorphosis date, and her mortuary temple near Luxor is her metamorphosis temple.[2]

Matakara may have been Lord Akeldama’s maker; when Alexia confronted him, he implied her guess was correct but would not directly confirm it.[3]

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Matakara's full name and list of titles is: Matakara Kenemetamen of Alexandria, Ruler of the Ptolemy Hive ad Infinitum, Lady Horus of Fine Gold in Perpetuity, Daughter of Nut, Oldest of the Vampires.

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After ruling for over three millennia, Matakara died at her own wish in 1876[4] through a bargain with Alexia Maccon.[5]

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