A large docking tower on the isle of Malta, where flying vehicles can refuel and take on supplies.

Appearance Edit

The tower is one of the Eight Wonders of the British Empire. It resembles a large piece of elaborate cooking equipment, constructed of many different materials including: fabric, net, wood, steel, bicycles, boats, houses, train carriages, and more. The circular pot-shaped top is supported by a huge scaffolding that requires most of the island of Malta as its base. This scaffolding resembles a stack of kitchen utensils from afar. The entire thing is held up by hot-air balloons, which cause the tower to sway in the wind. Rue calls it "attractively biological," while Prim calls it "hideous."

Trivia Edit

  • The Sixth Pinnacle of the Modern Age.
  • People live and work all up and down the tower.
  • The tower is said to have a side business in the salt trade, facilitated by tubes that wind all along it sucking in salt water from the Mediterranean. This water is filtered, producing the salt, siphoned to the docked ships, and tapped by the tower's workers and inhabitants.
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