Art by Rem.

Mabel Dair is a well-known actress and drone at the Westminster Hive.

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She is slightly chubby, blonde, and pretty, with a friendly smile.

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Mabel graduated from an acting school in London run by Linette de Limmone.

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Mabel comes across Alexia Tarabotti and Ivy Hisselpenny in Hyde Park after Alexia was attacked by a vampire the night before. She extends an invitation to visit Westminster Hive on behalf of Countess Nadasdy, which is something previously unheard of for someone who is not a drone or vampire.


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Ivy, covering for Madame Lefoux in Chapeau de Poupe while she accompanies Alexia to Italy, overhears Mabel and Lord Ambrose speaking together in the shop about the Potentate's theft of Lord Akeldama's drone, Biffy.

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