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The Kingair Affair refers to the conspiracy by the Kingair Pack to murder Queen Victoria behind the back of their Alpha, Conall Maccon early in the year 1853.

Secretly, this was a plot by Randolph Lyall to free Lord Maccon of his ties to the Kingair Pack and free him to challenge Lord Woolsey for the position of Alpha in the Woolsey Pack. He put his plan into motion sometime after his lover’s death in 1850 and it succeeded in Feb of 1853 as it is alluded to in Waistcoats & Weaponry.


The Woolsey Alpha descended into cruelty and madness as he succumbed to the Alpha's curse. As his mental state steadily declined, Lord Woolsey became physically and sexually abusive towards his pack. [[Professor Randolph Lyall]], the pack [[Beta]], took the brunt of the abuse to spare the other pack members. His lover, Alessandro Tarabotti tried to kill Vulkasin on a full moon night in 1850. His gamble that full moon madness would prevent Vulkasin from fighting smart failed, and Alessandro was killed in the attempt.

Grief-stricken, Lyall arranged to tempt the Kingair Pack to betray their Alpha as Lord Maccon was one of the few Alphas who could hope to defeat Vulkasin. The plan was successful and Kingair Beta and the pack conspired to poison Queen Victoria with a poison teapot made by Beatrice Lefoux. When Lord Maccon found out he killed his beta for treason, fled Kingair, and challenged Woolsey for his pack. Lord Maccon won and Professor Lyall and Woolsey Pack were brought back from the effects of the Alphas Curse.

Sidheag Maccon left boarding school early to support her pack despite being human. The dewarn approved of Niall taking over Kingair Pack if he married Sidheag to further solidify his claim, as Niall was not a true alpha and had no Anubis form. The pack was then banished to India for many years.

The Kingair Affair stayed a secret for many years before being discovered and revealed by Alexia, Sidheag, and Lord Maccon. Until then, only Lyall, Floote and possibly Channing were aware of Lyall's involvement in the Kingair Affair, everyone assuming that it was entirely devised by the Kingair Pack. Lyall avoided telling anyone to prevent Lord Maccon from losing faith in his new Beta. Floote refused to speak of it because Alessandro bound him to silence before he died. Sidheag and Lord Maccon were especially angry with Lyall about the plot. Lord Maccon refused to allow Lyall to stay as his Beta, and Sidheag demanded Lyalls Beta services in payment for his crimes against Kingair Pack as her previous Beta, Dubh, had recently been murdered. Thus Lyall joined Kingair Pack and went with them to India to serve until Lord Maccon stepped down as Alpha of London Pack, and Sidheag was able to find a replacement Beta for Kingair Pack.