The BUR agent in charge of vampire registration at the office in Canterbury. He is a human agent who works with a ghost partner.

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He is described as having large sideburns.

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Professor Lyall suspected Greemes was a drone thrall after his interaction with the man during his investigation in Soulless.

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Professor Lyall goes to visit George Greemes at the Canterbury BUR offices during his investigation of the vampire that attacked Alexia Tarabotti. He tells Professor Lyall that registered roves have been disappearing for a while and they were all gone - which must mean they were dead.

Quotes Edit

  • "George Greemes was an active BUR agent but not a supernatural one. He had a ghost partner who compensated for this disadvantage but who, for obvious reasons, did not work until after sunset. Greemes was therefore accustomed to quiet days full of paperwork and little excitement and was not pleased to find Professor Lyall waiting for him." (Soulless, Chapter Three)
  • "The BUR agent ran a hand distractedly down his large sideburns, as if checking to ensure they were still affixed to his face." (Soulless, Chapter Three)
  • "The man's behavior smacked of drone thrall, those initial stages of over-fascination with the ancient mysteries of the supernatural. It did no one any good to have someone firmly in the vampire camp in charge of vampire relations." (Soulless, Chapter Three)

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