A Gamma acts as third in command of a werewolf pack. It is in the Gamma's nature to criticize the decisions of other pack members.[1]

Unlike Alphas, a Gamma does not fall prey to madness with time. Given that only one Gamma was described in the series, one can infer that the position of Gamma is not entirely crucial to the structure of a pack, or a pack must be of substantial size to warrant needing someone in such a position.

Pack Dynamics Edit

Being third in command, the Gamma answers directly to the authority of the pack's Alpha and Beta respectively. Should both the Alpha and Beta become preoccupied, control of the pack falls to the Gamma. If the Alpha is busy or likewise indisposed, (such as when Lord Maccon went into a bout of depression and was drunk on formaldehyde for days after learning of his wife's pregnancy and not believing he was the father) the Gamma may stick with their Beta to reassure outside sources that the pack is still under control.

A Gamma's duties largely consist of managing the pack's military affairs (acting as a sort of leader for the portions of the pack deployed) and keeping the pack disciplined. They may also assist the Beta or Alpha if required.

A Gamma commands less respect than an Alpha or a Beta, but still more than a common pack member.

List of Known Gammas Edit

References Edit

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