Gahiji is a very old vampire.[1] He was a member of the Alexandria Hive of Egypt; upon the death of his queen, Matakara, he transferred to Ivy Tunstell.[2] He moved with her to London, where they established the new Wimbledon Hive.[3] He becomes Ivy's praetoriani. He is an excellent marksman.

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Gahiji is in attendance at the ball at the beginning of Prudence, supposedly to keep an eye on Miss Tunstell.

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Gahiji had been sent by Ivy to guard her son when Percy and Quesnel got into a scuffle, leading to a face off between werewolves and vampires.

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In this book we learn that Gahiji is the vampire who taught Primrose and Percy how to shoot, he is also first referred to as Ivy's praetoriani.[4]

Despite her mother’s token protestations, one of the Wimbledon Hive, a vampire by the name of Gahiji, had taken Prim and Percy aside at a very young age. They were just old enough to grip a pistol properly when he gave them their first lesson. “The human children of a vampire queen are a great vulnerability to the hive as a whole. I go against my mistress’s wishes in this matter, but as her praetoriani, I must insist you learn to shoot.” ~ Competence, Chapter 7

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  • "He nodded in the direction of an Egyptian fellow who lurked uncomfortably in a corner. 'Poor Gahiji. Two decades fraternising with the British, and he still can't manage.' Prim tutted at the vampire's evident misery. 'I don't know why Queen Mums sends him. Poor dear-he does so hate society." (Prudence, Chapter One)

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