Book 3
Author Gail Carriger
Release Date July 17th, 2018
Series The Custard Protocol
Pages 320
Publisher Orbit


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Accidentally abandoned!

All alone in Singapore, proper Miss Primrose Tunstell must steal helium to save her airship, the Spotted Custard, in a scheme involving a lovesick werecat and a fake fish tail.

When she uncovers rumors of a new kind of vampire, Prim and the Custard crew embark on a mission to Peru. There, they encounter airship pirates and strange atmospheric phenomena, and are mistaken for representatives of the Spanish Inquisition. Forced into extreme subterfuge (and some rather ridiculous outfits) Prim must also answer three of life’s most challenging questions:

Can the perfect book club give a man back his soul?

Will her brother ever stop wearing his idiotic velvet fez?

And can the amount of lard in Christmas pudding save an entire species?

About Edit

Gail continues chronicling the adventures of the Spotted Custard’s crackpot dirigible crew, following them as they explore the crumbling remnants of the British Empire, both supernatural and otherwise.

Chapter Titles Edit

Chapter One: A Lioness in a Hat and Other Concerns

Chapter Two: A Bad Case of the Dropsies

Chapter Three: A Merlion in a Mushroom

Chapter Four: The Premier Floating Philosophy Club

Chapter Five: A Grey and Melancholy Danger

Chapter Six: In Which Thomas Aquinas is an Absolute Crocker

Chapter Seven: A Very Warm Welcome

Chapter Eight: A Mystery, a Fez, and an Italian Mathematician

Chapter Nine: Soup Ladle of Death

Chapter Ten: Cats Can’t Be Trusted

Chapter Eleven: Our Lord and Saviour The Spotted Custard

Chapter Twelve: Rumours of Pishtacos

Chapter Thirteen: On Hives, Haciendas, and Hijinks

Chapter Fourteen: The Etiquette of Proper Introductions

Chapter Fifteen: Weddings and Their Consequences

Chapter Sixteen: Homeward Bound

Timeline Edit

This book takes place after Imprudence. In the final chapter, Primrose welcomes the new year 1896, meaning most of the book took place during the year 1895.

Quotes Edit

“The stars were vast and twinkling with savage cheer above them, and the sea was a vast and satin-rich bed of cruelty below. Primrose shivered at her own fancy, but there was something about the wide emptiness that terrorised. I suppose I am nothing if not a creature of cities with bustling streets and cosy hearths. This vastness is not for me. And I am not for it.”

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Trivia Edit

  • The covers for the North American editions and other English-speaking territory editions are different due to Gail's decision to self-publish Competence in those countries.

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