Colin Mangnall is the youngest member of the San Andreas Shifters pack. His brother is Kevin Mangnall, who is also a member of the pack.

Appearance Edit

Colin is described as being a small darling of a boy with a killer brain and a gentle disposition. He has green eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and full lips. He is slim, pale, freckled, and has some muscles.

His wolf form is the smallest of the pack and has honey russet fur and he looks more like a large desert fox or coyote, his eyes are a pale yellow green.

He has nice mild tenor voice and a quiet unassuming attitude.

“A slight younger man moved toward him, strawberry blond and pouty-lipped, of the kind that would go down really well on a go-go stage. Max’s dirty mind aside, he had the sweet smile and the social awkwardness of a chronic gamer geek.” (From The Sumage Solution Chapter 14)

Personality Edit

Colin is very smart with a gentle disposition. He's very shy about being touched, good with computers and technology and likes to play video games. He doesn't like to shift forms and spends the least amount of time as a wolf, until Isaac comes along. He prefers to fade into the background.

History Edit

Colin’s brother, Kevin, brought him to the San Andreas Shifters pack to get him away from their abusive family.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

Colin is introduced as one of the new pack members Alec has brought out to California. He helps the other pack members with their computer-related tasks and attends College of Marin for computer science. (Chapter 9).

We learn that Kev joined the San Andreas pack, in order to bring his younger brother along, expressly to get Colin away from their father. "As bad as Biff’s dad had been about Alec’s being gay, Colin’s dad was worse."

The Omega Objection Edit

Gladiola takes Colin to the Saucebox to talk to Isaac. Realizing Colin was a werewolf, Isaac immediately turned him away.

The Enforcer Enigma Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Colin is touch averse and that is not healthy in werewolves.
  • Colin is a student at the College of Marin in computer science.
  • Colin is 21 years old in The Enforcer Enigma, which means his birthday is in the fall.

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Quotes Edit

  • “Colin, who was a bit of a computer whiz (or possibly just young enough by comparison to the other pack members to seem that way) came immediately over to see what his Alpha was complaining about.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter One)
  • "Colin wasn't good at making people feel welcome, so he did the next best thing and provided quiet reassurance from afar. Or he hoped that was what he was doing. Mostly he felt awkward about the whole situation." (The Enforcer Enigma, Chapter Two)
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