Chapeau de Poupe

A hat shop in London on Regent Street near Oxford Circus, newly opened at the start of Changeless. Run by Madame Lefoux. Ivy Tunstell takes care of Chapeau de Poupe while Madame Lefoux is traveling with Lady Maccon during Blameless. During her supervision, hairmuffs become all the rage in London. After Madame Lefoux becomes a drone for the Woolsey Hive, Sandelio de Rabiffano takes over running the shop.


An extraordinarily modern shop with light airy muslin drapes, soft peach and sage striped walls, and bronze furniture with clean lines and matched cushions. There are some hats on tables and hooks, but most hang from little gold chains suspended from the ceiling. There is a hidden ascension chamber that goes down to Madame Lefoux's contrivance chamber. The chamber is later converted to hold the London Pack werewolves during the full moon.


  • "The Chapeau de Poupe? It is supposed to be very daring, indeed. Some ladies of my acquaintance have even referred to it as fast." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "And such hats - caps of embroidered batiste with Mechlin lace, faille capotes, velvet toques that put Ivy's flowerpot to shame, and outrageous pifferaro bonnets - dangled everywhere." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "She began to notice that there were other little hints as to a second nature for Chapeau de Poupe: scrape marks on the floor near a wall that seemed to have no door and several gas lights that were not lit. Alexia would wager good money that they were not lights at all." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "The handle on the inside of the front door was far larger than it ought to be and seemed to be comprised of a complicated series of cogs and bolts, far more security than any ordinary hat shop required." (Changeless, Chapter Three)


  • Chapeau de Poupe can be translated to "Stern Hat".
  • Gail chose the address 235 Regent Street London W1B 2EL for this shop's location, it is now an Apple Store.
  • Gail often choose this area of London as her setting for historical reasons, but also because it is her favorite part of London, walking distance to the British Museum and lots of shops.
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