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The Bureau of Unnatural Registry, or BUR, is part of the British government. It has oversight for werewolves, vampires, ghosts, preternaturals, and metanaturals within the British Empire.

Conall Maccon, Alpha for the Woolsey/London werewolf pack, was head of the London BUR office and Chief Sundowner.[1] His second in command is his pack Beta, Professor Lyall, who is a field agent and Secretary Prime.[2] When Lord Maccon left London, Channing Channing became the new head of BUR. The organization is headquartered in London, in a small Georgian building off Fleet Street near the Times offices. Satellite offices can be found throughout the empire, including Canterbury.[3]

They also employ field agents, like Mr. Haverbink, who may or may not be moral and members of the Staking Constabulary[4] (policemen trained to fight supernaturals).

Ghost Agents[]

BUR employs a number of ghost agents—exhumed and preserved bodies with tethered specters are placed in select locales to gather information. Each ghost's tether crosses the limits of at least one other's, creating a communication network that stretches the length and breadth of London.[5]


  • "Most BUR offices kept spare clothing in their cloakrooms, the architectural conceit of cloakrooms having spawned from generations of werewolf arrivals." (Soulless, ChapterThree)



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