Bumbersnoot is Sophronia's mechanimal, a mechanical that looks like a dachshund. She acquired him after a confrontation with skywaymen on the roof of Mademoiselle Geraldine's.

He is fueled by coal and water, which he eats and drinks and which are transferred into his boiler.

He also has the ability to store small items in a storage chamber separate from his boiler. This item is then emitted through his rear end.

In the aftermath of the Great Picklemen Revolt of 1854, Bumbersnoot is the only mechanical not destroyed. He becomes the Royal Alarm Dog, ready to sound the alert if such an event were to happen again. Queen Victoria takes a liking to him, and he is supposedly the reason she comes to love dogs.

Fan ArtEdit

On his first introduction...

It had four legs—four very short legs—and a small, spiky tail. Steam emanated slightly from its underbelly, and smoke came out from under its leather earflaps. It looked a little like one of those sausage dogs the Germans were so fond of.

Bumbersnoot 2

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  • “The mechanimal sat back on his haunches and sent a puff of smoke at her, tail wagging back and forth hopefully.” (Etiquette & Espionage, Lesson 10)
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