Beta is the title given to the second in command of a werewolf pack. Their vampire equivalent is the Praetoriani.

Betas are not known to be affected by madness in the same way that Alphas are; they are able to outlive and serve several different Alphas in their afterlives.

Pack Dynamics Edit

Beta is the second highest position within a pack, and though this is a powerful position, it is not commonly contested by other pack members, likely due to the amount of responsibilities the title is equipped with.

As second in command, the Beta is in control of the pack when the Alpha must leave, and may occasionally be sent out to deal with important pack business when the Alpha cannot leave.

A Beta answers directly to the pack Alpha and assists them whenever necessary. The Beta additionally manages the pack's internal relationships (though disciplinary roles are left to the pack Gamma) and the relationships it has with other packs, acting as a sort of liaison. Betas are a necessary part of the pack, as they keep its structure from crumbling. The pack looks to their Beta as an model for behavior, and gives them nearly the same amount of respect that they give their Alpha.

A Beta will often consort with the pack's Gamma (if they have one) on ways to improve relations within the pack and matters concerning their Alpha.

List of Known Betas Edit


  • "A Beta's main function within the werewolf pack was to support his Alpha in all things - publicly, and to question him as much as possible - privately." (Blameless, Chapter Two)
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