A vampire and member of the Westminster Hive, then the Woolsey Hive. Described as a large, attractive man. Serves as praetoriani to Countess Nadasdy.

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Romancing the Inventor Edit

Lord Ambrose is present when Imogene Hale meets Countess Nadasdy for the first time. He later scolds Madame Lefoux while preparing for a dinner party with the werewolves for having rolled sleeves. Being her praetoriani, Lord Ambrose does not arrive for the dinner party until Countess Nadasdy does. He only appears briefly once more when the wolves invade the hive as he leaps to protect the queen from them.

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  • “Look at the plucky young thing! She is trying to make a funny,' said Lord Ambrose snidely.” (Soulless, Chapter Four)
  • "Lord Ambrose was a large, exceedingly comely man, looking the way romantic schoolroom girls expect vampires to look – dark and broodingly arrogant with aquiline features and deep meaningful eyes." (Soulless, Chapter Four)
  • "Lord Ambrose bowed his dark head, the shallow wound already closing and healing itself. "Forgive me, my queen, it is only your safety that concerns me."    "Which is why you are my praetoriani." In an abrupt change of mood, Countess Nadasdy reached to caress the very part of Lord Ambrose's face she had just sliced open." (Soulless, Chapter Four)
  • “I’d be careful with country meat, my queen, it can be quite tough.” (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter One)
  • "Rolled shirt sleeves is taking artistic expression to an utterly unacceptable level." (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter Four)