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Adelphus Bluebutton is a werewolf and member of the Woolsey Pack. He is a lieutenant in the Coldsteam Guards.


Adelphus is never described in the books, but in the manga he appears to be a man of colour, with black hair and a haughty expression. Compared to the other wolves, he appears to dress in a slightly more dandyish manner.


He is notorious among the pack for his indiscriminate sexual appetite,[1] and they are quite obviously disgusted with it, which is a strong indication that he takes the receptive role, given the period. He says it is because he 'gets bored easily', but there is no more said to indicate what this means—or, indeed, if it is true.

Other hints in the narrative indicate he is arrogant, condescending to inferior ranks (whether military or pack, or both, is unclear), and also seems to be the rank immediately below Channing. He is disdainful of women.[2]

He is described by Rue as so civilized he owns a smoking jacket.[3]


From how the other wolves interact with Adelphus, he has been in the pack long enough to have earned the right to make snide comments without challenge, as well as being the military liaison.[4]

In the books[]


Lyall puts Adelphus in charge of negotiating with the regiment to persuade them to assign Channing's majority temporarily to the nearest eligible officer when Conall Maccon sent Channing to go after Alexia in Italy.


Adelphus is one of the wolves participating in the scuffle outside of Claret's at the beginning of the novel.

Romancing the Werewolf[]

Adelphus is present at dinner for the curtain argument.



  • "Women will do that to a soul. Best avoided, if you ask me." (Blameless, Chapter Seven)
  • "I get bored easily." (Blameless, Chapter Seven)
  • "He looked at Adelphus, whose rank was lieutenant and who thought rather too well of his own abilities and rather too meanly of others'." (Blameless, Chapter Seven)
  • "And there's always Adelphus. He's willing.' Alexia made a disgusted noise. 'Adelphus is always willing." (Heartless, Chapter Three)
  • "Adelphus did everything he could not to work. As a matter of fact, he worked awfully hard at it." (Romancing the Werewolf, Chapter 7)
  • “Even Uncle Bluebutton who was practically civilized - he owned a smoking jacket and everything - was participating.” (Imprudence, Chapter One)
  • "Finally, they all turned to Adelphus as if he were the one best at calming their new, young, purple-minded Alpha. Poor Adelphus. He isn't my Beta but he keeps getting cast in the role." (Romancing the Werewolf, Chapter One)


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